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Are you always wondering if super gasoline works better in your vehicle? With ethanol blended fuels taking over the market, it's an understandable question. The answer is complicated and depends on a few factors.

First, check what octane rating your vehicle requires. This information can usually be found in the owner’s manual or recommended by the manufacturer, and using the wrong octane could result in poor engine performance.

Second, ethanol blended fuels – also known as “super gasoline” — do not always mean better performance. Older vehicles may actually be worse off with ethanol blended fuel as ethanol can cause corrosion over time if it is left sitting in the tank for too long.

Finally, ethanol blended fuels tend to evaporate quicker than standard gasoline and so more ethanol is often needed to achieve the same performance. So if your vehicle does require ethanol blended fuel, be aware that you may need to top off your tank more frequently as the fuel evaporates faster than regular gas.

So will super gasoline work better in your vehicle? It depends. Check your owner’s manual and recommended octane level, know the pros and cons of ethanol blended fuels, and fill up more often if necessary. With that knowledge in hand, you can decide what fuel is best for your vehicle and drive off knowing you made an informed decision.

Happy driving!



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