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Whether you're an amateur off-roader or a professional, storing your vehicle properly is important to prolonging its life. Here are 7 steps to make sure your off-road vehicle is stored correctly!

Find a safe place to store your off-road vehicle. This means away from thieves, vandals, and the elements.

Finding a secure spot to store your precious off-road vehicle shouldn't be a challenge, but it is. You want to make sure it's safe from sneaky thieves, destructive vandals, and relentless elements. This means keeping your vehicle somewhere you can trust - your garage, or a storage unit away from prying eyes – so that you don't have to worry about coming up on four flat tires the morning of your next ride.

Choose a storage method that works for you. You can either keep it in your garage or shed, or rent a storage unit.

Whether your ride of choice is a motorcycle, snowmobile or ATV, you need to figure out the best storage method that fits your lifestyle and budget. Keeping it in your garage or shed can be great – if you have space – or you could rent a storage unit to ensure that it's safe and secure. Either way, make sure the unit is equipped with whatever security measures you need to feel comfortable in order to keep it safe from prying eyes and hands. So choose what's right for you: which method works best for storing your off-road vehicle? No matter which one you pick, just remember that giving your four-wheeling baby a good resting place is essential for having an awesome riding experience!

Make sure the area is clean and free of debris before you store your vehicle.

Ready to store your off road vehicle until the next adventure? Before you stow it away for a few months, make sure the storage area is spic and span. Dusting off that dirt bike or ATV and removing any debris from the ground will ensure your ride emerges from its transient home unscathed. It's not just about giving your trusty steed an inviting resting space – if there's any clutter or dirt around, it could cause damage to the machine itself. So grab debris in one hand and a cloth in another, and let's get this area ready for storage success!

Cover your vehicle with a tarp or other protective covering to keep it clean and dry.

Make sure you protect the investment of your off road vehicle by investing in some extra protection. Covering your motorcycle, snowmobile, or ATV with a tarp or other protective covering will give extra security for when it's not being used. An added bonus of keeping your vehicle covered? You won't have to worry about it getting too dirty and you don't have to worry about moisture damage either. It’s worth noting that a cover simply keeps dirt and grime out, but still allows some air flow—keeping your ride feeling fresh!

Use straps or tie-downs to secure your vehicle in place if necessary.

Strapping or tying down your off road vehicle is essential to make sure it won't take a joy ride without you! Straps or tie-downs come in handy, especially on a smooth surface, to provide extra grip and stability. Not to mention that strapping or tying down your vehicle keeps you from having a surprise guest run away with your prized possession! So next time when you’re out and about, remember that adding some straps or tie-downs can save the day--and your off roading dreams!

Check on your vehicle regularly to make sure it's still in good condition and nothing has happened to it while in storage.

One of the most important storage tips to keep in mind when storing an off-road vehicle is to check on it regularly. Whether you've tucked your motorcycle away for the winter or stashed your ATV in the garage until spring, it's essential to give it a quick once over every so often. That way, if something does happen, you'll know about it before it turns into a bigger headache down the road. Regular check-ins may not sound exciting, but when you start up your bike at the end of a long season, you'll be glad that you took the time!

When you're ready to take your off-road vehicle out again, just follow these steps in reverse!

Before your next great escape to the zones less travelled, be sure to check these steps at the door. From a pre-ride inspection to secure storage, giving your offroad vehicle an ounce of prevention will keep you miles ahead on the journey. When that magical moment arrives to set off once more, just return these seven steps in reverse and you'll be ready to take your adventure to the next level!

Storing your off-road vehicle doesn't have to be a difficult task, nor does it require too much effort. Just following these simple steps will ensure your beloved ride is safe and sound until you are ready to hit the road again. If you don't have an available garage or shed, renting a storage unit may just be the hassle-free solution you're looking for. No matter what method you decide on, just make sure that all of your bases are covered — from cleanliness and protection to straps and regular check-ups! So don't forget - storing your off-road vehicle doesn't have to be a chore. With a little planning and preparation, you can rest assured knowing that no matter how long it's been sitting there, it'll be ready when you are.



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